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bright shade out there that I will need to add to my wardrobe immediately.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Q 49 Franny Tote

I know that Marc by Marc Jacobs makes some fabulously odd and quirky handbags from time to time, and don’t get me wrong, I like almost all of those. The brand provides a lot of personality for a very fair price, and I think that their purses are some of the best deals out there.

My favorite thing about the brand, however,Louis Vuitton, is still their amazing basics. Luckily for me, they come out with a few new versions of their great totes, hobos and satchels every season, and my latest obsession is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Q 49 Franny Tote.

Ok, so, the black is kind of boring. I don’t disagree. But another great thing about Marc by Marc Jacobs is that the brand always makes their bags in at least a couple different colors, and I don’t doubt that there’s a beautiful, bright shade out there that I will need to add to my wardrobe immediately.

My favorite thing about this bag, and many of MbMJ’s leather bags, is that it’s not trying too hard. It’s merely a functional, simple bag made out of nice leather, and sometimes that’s all you need. Buy through Saks for $498.

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When Krakoff named this the “

Reed Krakoff gives us neutral color blocking and inventive structure for spring

The luxury accessories market is crowded with seasoned competitors all vying for consumer attention (and consumer dollars), which can often make it well nigh impossible for a new handbag line to turn heads, particularly the heads of people whose job it is to look at handbags all day. (Ahem,nike Shox Uk Women, yours truly.) Somehow, the Reed Krakoff Inside Out Leather and Snakeskin Tote managed to not only make me take a second look, but it made me do so by being inventive in a way that’s not only quite unique, but still totally subtle and functional at the same time. When being different usually also means rendering a piece unwearable or unusable to most of the buying public, that’s quite a design feat indeed.

When Krakoff named this the “Inside Out” bag, he meant it literally, which you notice if you look closely. Everything from the exterior pocket to the stitching to the way that the straps are layered is reminiscent of the inside of a very, very luxurious bag, and Krakoff managed to quietly recreate that structure on the exterior without making the effect obvious or kitschy. The extremely tasteful colorblocking only enhances the effect, but not to the detriment of the bag’s ability to be incorporated into an everyday wardrobe. Designing a bag like this is like walking on a wire, and Reed Krakoff managed to make it to the other side without losing his balance. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1790.

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but it is none-the-less amazing. The white patent leather is clean and gorgeous while the gold-tone buckle is eye-popping. Another plus would have to be the small pouch on the inside and gold contrasting lining. You know I am always a little hesitant to buy white

Michael Kors Sutton Patent Clutch

There is something about a simple, classic,roger vivier chaussures, understated yet fabulous handbag. The Michael Kors Sutton Patent Clutch definitely captures this look. Yes, I know, it is a white clutch and it is way past labor day, but it is none-the-less amazing. The white patent leather is clean and gorgeous while the gold-tone buckle is eye-popping. Another plus would have to be the small pouch on the inside and gold contrasting lining. You know I am always a little hesitant to buy white handbags in fear that I will just get them dirty in no time, but this is a white clutch I’d be willing to give a try. Back to the white rule. We all know that although white after labor day is usually a big no-no, there are plenty of shades of white worn throughout the winter months. What are the chances you could be interested in pulling off this clutch post-labor day? If so, buy through Net-a-Porter for $595.

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I think you catch my drift. No matter where my love/hate relationship comes from

Michael Kors Large Patent Leather Clutch

I have to say, I tend to have a love/hate relationship with patent leather. Perhaps it all stems from my childhood since I vividly remember wearing a pair of patent leather “fancy” shoes for Christmas one year. The shoes looked great with my plaid skirt, but to this day, I remember how much those shoes hurt my feet. So, maybe it wasn’t the patent leather I had an issue with,Nike Free, but the shoes themselves. Either way, I think you catch my drift. No matter where my love/hate relationship comes from, I have to say, I absolutely love, Love, LOVE the Michael Kors Large Patent Leather Clutch. As soon as I saw the clutch, it caught my eye.

The gold metal logo-engraved handle makes the clutch pop. The gold on black combination is fun, classy, and sophisticated all rolled into one. The magnetic closures ensure even the clumsiest of us *shouldn’t* lose anything while grabbing dinner, partying in a club or just simply walking around town. As I tend to have clumsy moments, the interior zipped pocked reassures me that as I drop my keys, credit cards, and ID into the pocket, they won’t fall out. Of course there are some of you out there who lack the clumsy gene, but I for one, need to ensure the clutch I sport has a way to at least make me believe my stuff won’t tumble out due to a lack of a zipper, clasp, etc. Yet, the thing I love the most about the clutch is its usability; whether you are sporting a trendy or casual outfit, the clutch is sure to be a great match. Purchase this clutch for $268.00 through Eluxury.

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Back at Taylor’

RHOBH: “If anybody’s going to cry here, it’s not going to be you.”

Last night was half an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, half extended preview for Lisa’s new show, Vanderpump Rules, which managed to turn the entire evening into a nearly seamless two hour event of Vanderpumpian proportions. We’re not recapping Lisa’s show, but we are taking last night’s recap all the way up to the very precipice of Housewifery. Let’s all hope we don’t teeter over into the abyss of restaurant reality TV.

Unbelievably, we started right back at that dinner party. Remember the dinner party? With Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick? From like a month ago? Well, we were right back there with Brandi removing herself from the situation and Faye looking smug and victorious with her fake-tan-fake-hair matching system. If you thought that Faye might redeem herself afterward, as if she had just gotten caught up in the argument and knew she had gone too far in the aftermath, your hopes were quickly dashed. She went on to talk down to Lisa and the rest of the table about anything that might come up, and I’m genuinely sad that Lisa is too much of an adult to have given Faye the verbal reaming that she so desperately deserved. In particular, it was rich irony for Faye to complain that Lisa is a puppet master when Kyle had so clearly brought Faye in to do the dirty work of insulting Brandi to keep her own hands clean. For her part, Kyle didn’t even think to try and stop one of her guests from being run out of the room until Lisa suggested it. Some hostess.

The next day, at Taylor’s house, some sort of healer-psychic-crazy person (aren’t they generally called “energists” on this show?) who knows someone who is somehow associated with Oprah (which excited Taylor) came over to sit in the parlor and give out beads and perch on a settee and talk to the voices in her head. To Taylor’s minimal credit, she seemed pretty dubious of the entire thing from the start, but once the psychic started telling her what she obviously wanted to hear, she had Taylor’s rapt attention. The psychic wrapped up the appointment by revealing what really happened to Princess Diana, which we couldn’t hear because obviously the general public can’t handle it when people drop those kinds of truth bombs.

At Kyle’s house, that reasonable Marisa person from the dinner party came over for a private yoga session with Kyle’s instructor to work out the stress of the failed dinner party. Instead of actually paying any attention to the dude they were probably paying top dollar to put them into poses poolside, Kyle and Marisa gossiped about the party the entire time, and Kyle defended Faye by claiming that she just doesn’t buy Brandi’s apology. What was not addressed was why the veracity of Brandi’s apology was any of her damn business in the first place. (Spoiler alert: It never was and still isn’t.)

Then, of course, it was time for us to visit Brandi and Lisa. They were shopping (in a boutique that looked as though it was chosen for Brandi’s budget rather than Lisa’s), and instead of having any discussion about the dinner party, they did a little bit of promo work to get us interested in Vanderpump Rules. Lisa asked Brandi if she’d like to meet with Scheana, the cocktail waitress who schtupped her husband while she was pregnant. Brandi blames her for breaking up her marriage,Nike Air Max, which is kind of silly – the only people who can break up a marriage are the people who are in it. I understand not having warm and fuzzy feelings for Scheana (who “didn’t know” that her actor boyfriend was married and apparently never bothered to, you know, Google the reasonably famous dude she was dating), but to get over being cheated on, I think it’s important to place the blame on the person who cheated on you, first and foremost. Brandi’s not doing that, and she doesn’t seem like she’s been able to put any of it behind her. Still, she agreed to meet with Scheana. Lisa is her primary protector, after all, and it’s important to shill for her show.

Back at Taylor’s house, the psychic had vacated the premises and Taylor’s lawyers had conveniently called to discuss a possible settlement to the lawsuit. By now, we all know what the terms were: Taylor’s wedding rings and two of her Hermes bags, which were later found to be fakes. Taylor got appropriately upset at the idea of giving away her wedding rings from her dead husband, but she had little choice since she has no other assets.

Over at Yolanda’s house, she was cooking for her kids and lecturing her model daughter (and the rest of us) about how girls shouldn’t play sports because that’s masculine, and playing volleyball made her fear that Gigi was a lesbian. So let me get this straight: Women should work out like maniacs to maintain their bodies to please their men, but working out for pleasure or for the pursuit of sport and competition is a bad thing that should be restricted to women who don’t want to date dudes. Also, modeling is a feminine activity, and it’s therefore a positive and appropriate activity for a teenager, but not team sports. Ok then.

At Camille’s house, Brandi came over for a Divorce Summit to discuss the states of their respective former marriages. Camille’s kids aren’t allowed to say her name or call her mom in Frasier’s house, which is ridiculous and demonstrates the immaturity and insecurity of the people involved on the other side. In Brandi’s case, she was weighing whether or not to meet with Scheana, and Camille advised her to go ahead and do it. We all know that Brandi does do it, so it was kind of an anticlimactic conversation overall.

Next up, improbably, was Adrienne. She had been totally absent since the episode before last, at which point she and Paul had reportedly stopped filming entirely after their blowup with Brandi. Her return didn’t address any of the drama; instead, Adrienne took the opportunity to plug a skincare line she’s starting with her husband, which is probably on hold now that she and Paul are getting divorced. The scene lasted approximately 45 seconds, and then Adrienne was gone again.

We jumped directly to some sort of group dinner for god knows what reason, at which point Taylor announced she had agreed to give up her rings and her bags in exchange for making the lawsuit go away. Kim’s strange appearances at a local cigar bar were also mentioned by a random dude at the table, but nothing came from the line of conversation; in fact, the scene itself seemed like a throw-away.

And then we were treated to the main event: Brandi and Scheana’s meeting of the minds at Sur. It looked as though Scheana had taken care to wear extra black eyeliner and mascara on her bottom lid to get the maximum visual impact for her tears, a tactic that will do her well if she plans to make a career out of reality television. The back-and-forth between them was mostly what you’d expect (“He took me on trips!” “I was his wife, I was his everything!” “He met my mother!”), but Brandi did ask one thing that I thought was smart: which of her friends knew and didn’t tell her? Now that is one way to find out who you can really trust.

The encounter went about as well as you could expect, under the circumstances, and Brandi mostly came across as mature and reasonable. Scheana generally did as well, but if you watched the premiere of Vanderpump Rules that this episode bled directly into, you know why: she’s set up to be the underdog, partly because of her reputation as someone who goes after other people’s partners. From the first episode, though, it’s hard not to prefer her to Stassi. But let’s not get into that.

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ve seen some bags from it that look great –

Prada Velluto Jacquard Tote

I’m so split on Prada‘s Fall 2009 collection. I’ve seen some bags from it that look great – a bit boring, but made of nice materials and stylish enough to appeal to a lot of people. And then I’ve seen some bags that are apparently slightly more ‘conceptual,’ and most of those don’t work as well. A new entry on that list is the Prada Velluto Jacquard Tote.

Prada Velluto Jaquard Tote

It looks like what Prada was going for here was a modern-day carpet bag, this time made of nylon and velvet instead of more old-fashioned materials. I guess they partially succeeded,nike Air Max 90, since it’s possible to see their goal in the finished product, but it’s hard to look at pictures of the bag and go, “Yes, exactly, this is exactly what a modern carpet bag should be.” The pattern looks vaguely like a cult logo, and I’m not paying $1500 for mustard-colored nylon that labels me as part of the Dharma Initiative. Sorry, Prada. Try harder next time. Buy through Saks for $1450.

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s exactly where you want to start.

Five Reasons to Own a Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote

One of the most interesting parts of this job is seeing how people arrive at our site. You guys get here in a zillion different ways, but one of the most persistent is your interest in the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, in all of its many sizes and incarnations. And really, I can’t blame you – the Neverfull is a foundational piece in the most important handbag line in the world, and it’s so versatile that it can be a useful wardrobe addition to almost anyone.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. It seems logical that a lot of the people visiting our site in pursuit of the Neverfull are trying to make a purchase decision of some sort, and because we like to consider ourselves a service-y bunch, we thought we’d put together a handy guide as to why, exactly, the Neverfull is such a smart way to go when looking to buy a good take-anywhere tote.

It really is never full

That might be a slight exaggeration,nike Shox Uk Women, but the point stands – no matter which size you opt for, you’re going to be able to fit more in a Neverfull than you’d expect. Because the sides aren’t rigid and the shape is fairly loose, the bag conforms to the size of your belongings. With the biggest (GM) size, I’m pretty sure I could fit anything I ever really want to carry anywhere.

It comes in a million versions

Like the Louis Vuitton Speedy, the Neverfull is a foundation piece in the enormous Louis Vuitton line. That means that when it comes time for Vuitton to do one of its world-famous artist collaborations, the Neverfull is almost always on the list of bags that get the treatment. The works of artists like Stephen Sprouse, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami have all graced the bag, and that’s on top of the myriad permanent and seasonal iterations available at any given time. Whether you’re in the market for a collector’s piece or a basic Monogram Canvas or Damier model to start your collection, the Neverfull can scratch that itch.

All of the versions are durable

Longtime Louis lovers don’t even need to read this one, because they already know – Vuitton’s treated canvas products are well-nigh indestructible. I have 20-year-old Vuitton pieces that still take a beating like a champ. Some customers have reported issues with the handle glaze on the Damier Ebene version specifically, but Vuitton stands behind its pieces very well – all the mentions of issues that I could find on our Forum also included details on how the product was either exchanged in the store or repaired by the brand. That’s a lot more than a lot of brands will do for customers, unfortunately. (Although it’s fortunate if you’re looking to buy a Vuitton bag.)

It’s a great way to start a Vuitton collection

Depending on size, basic monogram Neverfulls will run you between $800 and $900. Considering how enormously expensive Louis Vuitton bags get when you start to look at leathers (and, god forbid, exotics), the Neverfull is an excellent value and a great place to start a collection and find out if you like a brand’s products enough to save up and branch out within the line. It’s something that can be carried every day and that will serve a lot of purposes – that’s exactly where you want to start.

The Neverfull is totally reversible

Somehow, I didn’t know about the Neverfull’s biggest feature until recently. Sick of the monogram? Just want to switch things up? Need a different color? Flip the bag inside out, problem solved. Few designs give you that level of versatility, and that’s on top of how functional the bag is to begin with.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a Neverfull of your own via Louis Vuitton, starting at $800.

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thank you. Ridiculously overpriced novelty item

The $17,000 Chanel Bicycle

When I reported on the $3,500 Hermes bike two weeks ago,Nike Blazers Sale, I had the feeling that we had not reached the pinnacle in cyclist decadence just yet. Karl Lagerfeld to the rescue! This Limited Edition Chanel Bike is the ultimate in two-wheeled novelty. With only 50 made and less than 20 available in the US, this creation retailed for $17,000, with reseller markups hitting $28,000 already.

At it was the case with the Hermes bike, it is thanks to our fantastic Purse Forum member vernilover that I can present some detailed snapshots of this exclusive piece to our readers.

The Chanel bike aims to impress with very fine detail, like the quilted leather handles, seat (made by the legendary Brooks Brothers), pant guard, even the bike pump is covered in Chanel’s signature quilted leather. The bike also features two quilted flap bags and a jewelry roll behind the seat, all of which are detachable and can be used as individual shoulder bags.

My opinion? No, thank you. Ridiculously overpriced novelty item, reserved for a few selected collectors who do not know what to do with their disposable income. Still crazy for Chanel? Get a solid 8-speed city bike, buy three Chanel Classic Flaps and save thousands. A discussion thread on vernilover’s Chanel bike is located here.

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but I think it would have looked better

Juicy Couture Queens Garden Tote

Juicy Couture has the same problem with their handbags that I had with my fingernails as a kid: they just can’t leave well-enough alone. I’d paint my fingernails and then immediately notice some infinitesimal flaw and pick at the or try to fix it until it was several orders of magnitude worse than it ever was to begin with. It took me years to learn my lesson and keep my fingers to myself,Nike Pas Cher, and hopefully Juicy will figure all of this out one day as well.

Juicy Couture Queens Garden Tote

Which is not to say that I don’t like the Juicy Couture Queens Garden Tote – I do, or at least I do relative to a lot of other bags that they make. It’s got a shape to it that reminds me a lot of the ever-popular Yves Saint Laurent Muse bags, and it looks like it would be a functional, but it also doesn’t look particularly well-edited. It’s a brightly colored, quilted, riveted bag that has four exterior flap pockets, useless hardware rings, and zippers with tassel pulls. In the words of Tim Gunn – that’s a lot of look. The bag manages to pull off all of those things decently well, but I think it would have looked better, or at least more high-end, if one or two of those things had been modified or discarded. Buy through ShopBop for $448.

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and I allow it to socialize with the rest of my eyeliner in my makeup kit. It was purchased for Halloween

Five things that you can get away with on New Year’s Eve that don’t fly in real life

I was going to try and figure out how to link this back to handbags in some sort of tenuous, cursory way so that it made sense that I was writing it, but then I realized that I’ve been writing about Real Housewives for well over a year with absolutely no logical link between those posts and the normal subject matter of this blog and decided to dispense with that pretense entirely. And no one’s really thinking about bags today anyway, right? It’s New Year’s Eve. You should all be thinking about champagne and glitter and how crappy 2010 turned out to be. But mostly champagne and glitter!

Because this is a special sort of holiday that requires its own special wardrobe, booze and events, let’s take a look at the things we do and ways we behave on New Year’s Eve that really aren’t acceptable for adults on any other day of the year. Except for Halloween, of course, but that’s a whole different post that I should have written two months ago.

1. Standing out in the middle of Times Square for hours on end. Really, Times Square? It’s already a craven, Disney-fied tourist trap on every other day of the year, but on New Year’s Eve it’s like the whole area took a giant hit of meth and decided it would be cool to stay up all night and grind its metaphorical teeth. There is no way that going to Times Square on New Year’s Eve is advisable in any way, shape or form, but literally thousands of people convince themselves that for New Year’s, it’ll be great. Really. That kind of faulty logic isn’t to be tolerated on any other day.

2. Dressing in head-to-toe sparkles. I love sequins, rhinestones and glitter just as much as the next girl, but making an entire outfit out of them makes you look like a life-size, spangly Disco Barbie. At a normal party requiring cocktail attire, you can either wear a sequined dress or sparkly accessories. On New Year’s Eve, you’ll have the most boring outfit at the club if you don’t do both.

3. Speaking of sparkles: glitter eyeliner. Full disclosure: I own glitter eyeliner. I bought it of my own free will,財布 グッチ, and I allow it to socialize with the rest of my eyeliner in my makeup kit. It was purchased for Halloween, though, and since I don’t go to raves (do they still have raves?) or make a habit of recreating early-2000s Britney Spears videos in my spare time, that’s the only time I’ve ever worn it. Will I wear it tonight? Girl, you know it.

4. Drinking Andre champagne. Never had Andre? Don’t try it. There’s no excuse for it. But across America tomorrow night, people young and old will imbibe what is possibly the cheapest, worst sparkling wine that their local grocery stores carry, mostly because it’s just what you do. Extra points if you drink it straight from the bottle, with the possibility for bonus points if you do so with a very long straw. As with a glitter outfit, if you’re not doing this on New Year’s, you might as well be standing in the corner with a dunce cap on. Any other time? People assume that you have some sort of problem. If not several problems. And really, they have a point.

5. Listening to this Prince song.

Oh, who am I kidding? Prince is awesome all the time. Have a safe and ridiculous time tonight, everyone!

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